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Operation of the Forum

As previously advertised, from 1 January 2008, all current, paid-up members of the Bird Club will also, and automatically, be members of the Forum and membership of the Forum will be confined to such members. However, as at present, non-members will still be invited to submit contributions for posting by the webmaster. This note sets out details of the timing of this change, and of how it will be implemented.

The changes will be tied to applications for, or renewals of, membership, and with immediate effect, everyone will fall into one of three groups. These groups will be dealt with as set out below.

Note also that, from the time of joining or renewal, all Usernames will be the members real name, although they may select the form of this. For example, Mr Robert Smith may choose either to be R Smith, Robert Smith or Bob Smith, as preferred.

1. Applications for new membership of the Club from non-members of the Forum.

As now, new members will complete an application form and send it to Mike Harrison, the Membership Secretary. In future the 'Welcome Pack' sent back by Mike will include a welcome to the Forum with the new member's Username, his/her initial Password, and the detailed terms and conditions for Forum use. The new Username and Password will be activated on the same day.

2. Applications for membership of the Club from existing Forum members.

The prospective member will complete an application form and this will be processed by Mike exactly as above. If the new member is already using an acceptable Username this will be retained, with their current Password. Otherwise their account will be de-activated and they will be provided with a new Username and Password, which will be activated the same day.

3. Renewals by existing Club members

The final LBN for 2007 will include an editorial explaining the addition of Forum membership to LBC membership and what this will mean to existing Forum members (mainly the need to have a suitable Username). It will also include an amended application form, showing the new subscription amounts, and requesting member's current email address and their preferred name format for use as their USERNAME on the Forum. New accounts will be set up when the 2008 membership card is mailed out.

From 1 January 2008: Existing Forum members who are not LBC members and have not applied for membership of the Club by 1 January 2008 will be allowed restricted access for two months. Details of such access will be posted before the end of December.

From 1 March 2008: Forum members who have not applied for membership of the Club by 1 March 2008 will have their account de-activated and will thereafter only be able to view or mail contributions to the Webmaster.

In making this change, which has been requested by Bird Club members at the last two AGMs, the LBC Committee is keen to stress that we hope most existing Forum members will join the Club and contribute to it as full members. We are very much aware of the value of this contribution in the past, and we look forward to a strengthened Forum in the future.


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